The #1 Mindset To Get Women To Chase You

Fit Woman Running On A BridgeAre you chasing women or are they chasing you?  If you said the former, you’re doing it all wrong.  If you want to attract incredible women and get them to sleep with you, there’s one very important mindset you MUST keep in mind.

Women chase, men select.

Got it?  Understand?  Are you sure?

Because most guys get this all wrong; they chase women which is completely backwards and the wrong way to approach dating if you want to be the type of man women obsess over.

Let me ask you this.  What happens when you chase something?  It runs away, right?

Chase a squirrel; it runs away.  Chase money or power; it alludes you.  Try to chase down respect or happiness and you end up miserable.  Chase women and they do exactly the same thing.  They run away.

If you want anything in life, you don’t get it by chasing after it.  Instead, you stack the deck in your favor and attract those things so they come to you.

As an example, let’s just look at a typical approach situation.  When you first approach a woman, you have a couple of choices.  First, you can play the nice guy and try really hard to impress her by giving her compliments, buying her drinks, and offering to do things for her.  This is what most guys do.  But that’s the chasing mindset.

What you should be doing is playfully challenging her.  Do that and she’ll work to impress YOU instead.

How about another example.  What do most guys do when a girl they like texts them?  They text back immediately and are always available the minute she needs or wants something.

That’s a great way to end up in the friend zone, but an awful way to get women to think about you, chase you, and obsess over you.  You should be texting like this instead.

If she texts you, make her wait a while to hear back from you.  Turn her down sometimes if she wants you to come do something for her.  Be a challenge.  Otherwise, she’ll just walk all over you and you’ll become her new best friend, but you won’t be the guy she takes home at night.

When it comes to dating, always remember this:  let women chase you.  Not the other way around.

Otherwise, you’ll just become the next dating casualty: the guy who sucks up to women and does everything that repels them.

If you want to be one of the 99% of men who do it all wrong and put hot women on a pedestal and completely cut off their own manhood trying too hard to impress them, then do nothing else.  You’ll probably have a really hard time getting the girlfriend you really want.

But if you want to dominate in the dating game and sit back and relax while hot women chase after YOU, then click to continue and follow these Girlfriend Activation System steps.